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Pros and Cons of Using an LLC to Buy Investment Property


Pros and Cons of Using an LLC to Buy Investment Property in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills 

The real estate investment market of today offers opportunities to anyone willing to forge their own personal wealth. We’ll introduce you to the concept of employing a limited liability company structure (LLC), which keeps your business and personal finances separate when you buy investment property. While not suitable for everyone building their investment portfolio, you will want to take the time to consider the following pros and cons of using an LLC to buy investment property in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills. When an LLC is structured properly and has been carefully designed uniquely for your long-term investments, it can help you reach your short and long term income stream goals. While not impossible for the public to locate the actual owners of an LLC owned property, there is a certain degree of anonymity.

Cons of Using an LLC

Liability Risk

While liability is limited, it does not mean that there is absolutely zero liability to you personally when using an LLC to buy investment property in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills. Just remember there are limits. Be certain you understand the legalities completely and ask questions about anything that isn’t clear to you. You should enlist the help of an attorney that specializes in real estate law to help you set it up.  To save money you can use an online service such as ZenBusiness.com or LegalZoom.com. 


It’s important to weigh the costs of the benefits against the expenses of using an LLC to buy investment property in. Insurance rates are higher for LLC properties. Additionally, there are fees associated with the initial structuring of the company, as well as annual expenses to consider. Likewise, you must form an LLC for each property. In addition, you’ll need to set up a separate checking account and make sure you do not comingle funds. That means everything you pay for and and all funds you receive should come through that checking account. Commingling funds will will negate the legal advantages of having an LLC and could get you in trouble with the IRS. Always check with your Accountant if you have questions. Remember, having a good CPA who specializes in real is like having a heart doctor when you have a heart problem. You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor if you were having heart problems…would you?  


Due to the inherent protections of your personal assets under an LLC, it can be difficult to get conventional financing to buy an investment property. There are other sources for financing who are willing to risk working with investors, some of which specialize in LLC financing, but this does come at a price as well as a result of the risk they are assuming. If you decide to include partners, be aware none of you can buy, sell, or trade your equity in the company.

Pros of Using an LLC

Liability Protection

No matter if you are just beginning to invest or you’re an investor holding a great number of assets, you can be sure that should the worst happen, the fees involved to create an LLC are a small price to pay. When you employ an LLC to buy investment property, your personal assets are protected should a lawsuit be brought against the property holder by a tenant or other entity. Because your insurance policy on your property has limits, remember that without an LLC structured company, your personal assets are still at risk.


Should your preference be investing with partners instead of singly, you can do either by using an LLC to buy an investment property in. There is power in numbers, and you can take advantage of this through an LLC as an investor, depending on the number of partners you’re planning to work with.

Pass-Through Income

Income realized through an LLC, which is structured as a pass-through entity, passes the income from the entity or corporation, to an individual who is then taxed at the individual rate only. This business structure is essentially preventing double taxation by eliminating taxes on corporate-level income for the same individual. This advantage is why many opt to structure their investment property business in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills through this method. Make sure you use an Accountant at tax time. 

Ready to get started building your real estate empire? We are happy to discuss more pros and cons of utilizing the LLC structure to meet your individual needs when you buy investment property in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills . Big or small, Kevin Polite, Solid Source Realty, Inc can help you structure it all! Send us a message or give us a call at 678-435-9991 today!

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