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Kevin Polite  Welcome to the world of Kevin Polite, your HomeSmart REALTOR®, and the exclusive agent representing HausZwei Homes. My expertise centers around DeKalb County, encompassing Decatur 30032 and Decatur 30030, including captivating neighborhoods like Midway Woods, Belvedere Park, White Oak Hills, Meadowbrook Acres, and Pine Lake. Moreover, my influence extends across various intown areas of Atlanta.

When you choose me, you’re not just a client – you’re a priority. Throughout every step of your real estate journey, expect personalized attention and comprehensive guidance. Whether you’re embarking on a home buying or selling adventure, I’m here to navigate the path with you.

More than an agent, I’m also an investor. This dual role equips me with a profound understanding of real estate that goes beyond the norm. I’m dedicated to leveraging this unique perspective to your advantage.

Having called Atlanta home for over 30+ years,  I consider myself nearly a native to this vibrant city. With a rich advertising background spanning several decades, I’ve accumulated valuable insights. Notably, I spent a significant and impactful decade in the Real Estate Advertising department of a prominent digital media platform. This experience offered me a comprehensive perspective on real estate transactions, particularly the intricacies of effective home marketing. Forging strategic partnerships with distinguished builders and acclaimed real estate agencies. This engagement empowered me to delve deeply into the realms of real estate marketing, affording me a profound understanding of its intricacies and dynamics.

So whether you’re seeking a snug spot within DeKalb County’s charming neighborhoods or exploring the pulse of intown Atlanta, I’m your guide to the real estate landscape. Let’s connect today to embark on your real estate journey together.

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HausZwei Homes

At HausZwei Homes, we specialize in revitalizing and invigorating homes for resale and rental purposes, with a primary focus on the charming Decatur area, as well as new home construction. As we look ahead, our upcoming projects are set to encompass Pine Lake, Decatur, East Atlanta, and other areas of DeKalb County and Fulton County and City of Atlanta.

When you step into our homes, you won’t encounter the mundane or the ordinary. We take pride in preserving the timeless essence of the 1950s ranch-style home while infusing them with a fresh, modern, and contemporary flair. Brimming with character, we embrace the allure of brick homes and infuse them with vibrant hues, creating spaces that truly stand out.

Detail is paramount in our approach. This meticulous attention is evident in every corner of our homes, whether they’re destined for sale or rent. Many of our properties are conveniently situated a short drive away from Downtown Decatur, offering easy access to its eclectic shops and dining establishments. Others find themselves in proximity to the vibrant East Atlanta Village.

At HausZwei Homes, our commitment to community upliftment is interwoven into our very fabric. We take immense pride in our sponsorship of the Friends of Dearborn Park, a prominent community organization dedicated to enhancing the allure of Dearborn Park. This DeKalb park, nestled in the heart of Midway Woods in Decatur, holds a special place in our hearts.

Friends of Dearborn Park (FDOP) operates as a Park Pride affiliated group through DeKalb County. Our collaboration with this esteemed organization aligns with Park Pride’s mission to empower communities in DeKalb and the City of Atlanta to enhance parks and greenspaces through advocacy, volunteerism, and capital improvements. The importance of this partnership is underscored by the reality that DeKalb County Parks & Recreation often faces budget constraints, leaving a gap that can be filled by dedicated volunteers.

By proudly supporting Friends of Dearborn Park, HausZwei Homes aims to make a meaningful impact, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility. We recognize that the beauty of our surroundings is best preserved through collective efforts, and we’re honored to play a part in this vital endeavor. Welcome to HausZwei Homes, where homes are not only transformed but where communities thrive.

For more information on these groups go to www.facebook.com/FriendsofDearbornPark   and dekalbanimalservices.com/adopt-a-pet/dogs-for-adoption


This is taken from our trip to Palm Springs during a moped tour of Mid Century Modern homes.


Our first remodel that started it all. Loved it so much I live in it.


From my Atlanta Journal-Constitution Real Estate Advertising days. Remember the Sunday Homefinder.


This is my Ralphie. This 99lb lovable Black Lab mix pretty much runs the family. We adopted Ralphie from Lifeline. There are many dogs that need a loving home. http://dekalbanimalservices.com/adopt-a-pet/dogs-for-adoption


GladysKravitz is typical of the nosy neighbor who’ll wonder how you sold your home so fast!


Kevin Polite will help you find that Mid Century Modern Home


Dearborn Park is located in Decatur in the Midway Woods neighborhood. I live in and have sold many homes in this neighborhood.


HasuZwei Homes gives back to the community. Dearborn Park tree planting in which we donated all of the trees, shrubs and materials. See more photos at www.facebook.com/friendsofdearbornpark


More volunteer work. This is with Towers Action Group (TAG). We donated paint to help this business on Memorial Drive in the Meadowbrook Acres and Belvedere Park neighborhood. www.facebook.com/TowersActionGroup/


This is a photo from Mrs. Hines class at Peachcrest Elementary in the DeKalb County School District in Decatur 30032. HausZwei Homes donated money so that the kids in her 2nd grade would have materials for their art project. We believe strongly in support the art in education.


Many of the homes we sell in Decatur, GA are near Downtown Decatur.

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East Atlanta is a hot area with tons of activity in the Village (EAV) including the annual East Atlanta Beer Fest.




16 17

Sylvan Hills has many Craftsmen homes and Sylvan Middle School is widely respected and the teachers go the extra mile.


Westside Atlanta Beltline. Are you looking for a home near the Beltine? There is a program available to help you down payment assistance. Please call me Kevin Polite, 404-299-7100 for more information.


Did you inherit a home, about to go into foreclosure or have a home that just wouldn’t be profitable if you sold it with a real estate agent? Being a REALTOR®I understand both side of the equation.  We have partnered with and recommend the following if you are in one of these situations:




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