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Buying a house may be the most complicated financial process of your entire life. Luckily, we’ve broken it down into 10 straightforward steps:

  1. Are you ready to become a homeowner?
    Whether you’re becoming a homeowner for the first time or you’re a repeat buyer, buying a house is a financial and emotional decision that requires the experience and Kevin Polite will help you find a home in Decatur, East Atlanta, Cascade, Sylvan Hills or any Intown area.
  2. I am a Realtor®
    There is a difference between a Realtor® and a real estate agent. Kevin Polite is a Realtor® I’ve taken additional classes and an oath of ethics to help you navigate the maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing, and negotiating.
  3. Get a mortgage pre-approval
    As a first-time or move-up buyer you may need to finance your home, and a discussion with a mortgage lender is an important step in the process. Find out how much you can afford before you begin your home search.How Much Home Can I Afford. You’ll receive a Loan Estimate from the mortgage lender that will clearly explains all of your loan expenses.
  4. Search homes
    A quick search on www.hauszweihomes.com will bring up thousands of homes for sale in Decatur, East Atlanta, Cascade, Sylvan Hills or any Intown area. Educating yourself on your local market and working with me to help you narrow your priorities and make an informed decision about which home to choose.
  5. Choose a home
    Choose to buy a home that meets your needs and priorities, you’ll be happy living in it for years to come. I suggest not stretching your budget. The days of buying as much home as you can afford went away years ago.
  6. Make an offer
    A proposal to buy a home includes both the price and any closing cost paid by the seller. In some cases, terms can represent thousands of dollars in additional value—or additional costs—for buyers.
  7. Get a home inspection
    A home inspection is very important and will allow you to determine the condition of the home. The inspection report will look daunting and will be over 40 pages, however, our preferred inspectors will summarize the most important items to ask the seller to repair. The seller has the option to either reduce the price, make the repairs or decide not to make the repairs.
  1. Get insurance
    Real estate insurance protects owners in the event of a mishap. When buying homeowner’s insurance check with your auto insurance company. If you’re happy with them you can usually get a discount on both your auto and homeowner’s insurance.You’ll need to do this before you close on your home. Ask us about our preferred insurance agent.
  2. Closing
    The closing process in Georgia uses a closing attorney. You will receive a Closing Disclosure, formerly called a HUD-1. This change was brought about to make sure you are very clear on the loan you are receiving. It’s very important to read over this carefully to ensure there are no mistakes. You must receive this 72 hours before closings.
  3. What’s next?
    You’re handed the keys to your new home! You’ve looked at properties, made an offer, obtained financing, and gone to closing. The home is yours. Is there any more to the home-buying process? Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a repeat buyer, you’ll want to take several more steps.
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