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6 Things That Can Delay Your Flip Home Sale

6 Things That Can Delay Your Flip Home Sale In Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills

Picturing yourself walking away from the closing table with cash in hand? Sellers who list their homes have no guarantee of their home selling. Unfortunately, once you’ve found a buyer and agreed on a purchase price, there is still no guarantee of smooth sailing to the closing table. There are a variety of reasons closings can be delayed. By being forewarned, you can be forearmed for these 6 things that can delay your home sale in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills.


Unexpected issues found during the inspection of your home for sale can cause delays in closing. This is why it pays to hire your own inspector when selling your flip hom. By facing any undiscovered issues head-on, you can deal with them in the best way for your set of circumstances. You can move forward with repairs or you can prepare ahead of negotiations by understanding the value each issue may have to the buyer, who will want to deduct this amount from the purchase price. It’s wise to get an inspection for yourself before you put your home on the market. This way you can find most items that a seller will and fix them beforehand. 


Appraisers let the lender know that the amount they loan on the mortgage note is secured by the real property, a low appraisal can cause a denial of the loan. Should the appraisal come back with repairs required before the closing can take place, this is another thing that can cause a delay in your flip home sale in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills.


While your buyers may have been preapproved for the loan by their lender, sadly circumstances can change after the process of approving the mortgage actually begins. This can delay your home sale. Buyers may have a change on their credit report which suddenly makes their qualifying status change as well. One issue may be that they have increased their debt to income ratio, by taking on more credit.


Any issue that appears during a title search can delay your home sale in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills Georgia. Usually, the problem is with proving a clear title, due to liens from contractors. It could also be as simple as an error in the public records. Missing heirs can also cause issues should they suddenly come forward. Regrettably, forgeries can create an unclear chain of ownership which can be difficult to resolve. Another issue could arise during the survey process, other surveys than your own could show differing property lines. It’s best to clear any issue prior to listing so there are no delays in your flip home. 

Open Permits

Building Permit

Open building permits on your property, even if the work was finished long ago, can delay your home sale. You can simply walk into your county records department and find out ahead of listing your home about any open permits. Remember that patience is a virtue, and you’ll have plenty of chances to practice, due to the red tape you’ll likely encounter in updating your records, this process can take some time. Keep in mind you can’t sell your flip until you have your Certificate of Occupancy (CO). 


When you are closing on a real estate transaction, there are deadlines for documents to be submitted that simply cannot be missed. Many of these forms are required legally by either federal or state guidelines, so it’s best to become familiar with these forms and when each is needed, as well as where they should be directed. Should a target date be missed, this can delay your home sale. This is a huge responsibility so you’ll want to be certain you stay on top of all the timeline requirements for the paperwork and be sure to beat the clock.

Why wait at all? Don’t you want to avoid making simple mistakes that can delay your home sale in Decatur, Atlanta Cascade, Collier Heights & Sylvan Hills? Make it easy on yourself and have an experienced real estate agent Kevin Polite that specializes in investment properties and is highly qualified to sell your flip.  Send us a message or call 678-435-9991 today to find out how we can help you! Kevin Polite, Solid Source Realty, Inc.

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