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Signs of an Up and Coming Neighborhood in Decatur

Signs of an Up and Coming Neighborhood in Decatur

What are the signs that a neighborhood is about to change. This happens often in intown Atlanta and Decatur areas and most times it’s often too late to get in that neighborhood before prices have skyrocketed. You’ve heard the stories before where someone says we bought here when the prices were low and not many people were buying here yet. So how do you determine if it’s an up and coming neighborhood?

Major Renovations
Drive around Peachcrest, Meadowbrook Acres and Belvedere Park and you’ll be amazed at the amount of major renovations that’s occurring. It’s a sign that neighbors or reinvesting in their community and that Realtors and investors are encouraged where the market is headed for this area. And that appears to be up! Several lots have been recently rezoned for new construction and will begin in the next year or two. The “old T-Shirt Factory” at the corner of Midway and Beech was rezoned in early 2019. In addition, there was a rezoning for 4 new construction homes on Midway near Tacoma Way. It’s currently vacant land.

Closeness to other Hip Neighborhoods
Have you seen the prices in downtown Decatur? Million dollar homes are readily available. Midway Woods in is unincorporated Dekalb, literally across the street from Winnona Park, and was one of the first areas HausZwei Homes began renovating. Prices ten years ago, in Midway Woods, were very similar to where they are now in this area. We saw the potential and now homes over there can reach $600,000 and above. We feel the Peachcrest area is and has become a great area to buy a home because those nearby areas have become unaffordable and because they are so close to so many amenities.

Nearby Retail and Restaurants
Another sign of an up and coming neighborhood is how close the homes are to shops and popular restaurants. You are literally 7-12 minutes away from downtown Decatur, Avondale Estates, Kirkwood, Oakhurst, East Lake and Edgewood.

Final Word
Keep in mind that buying in an up and coming neighborhood takes long-term vision. The Peachcrest neighborhood is changing, and prices are increasing and it can take several years as more and more properties are remodeled And, there’s no guarantee that they actually will, but looking at the data from the last 5 years things are definitely headed in the right direction. The median price of homes in Decatur 30032 increased 250+% in the last 5 years. HausZwei Home designs homes in these area for your comfort as well as your wallet.

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