Costco Coming to North DeKalb Mall

Updated December 11, 2018

It appears Costco is not coming to North DeKalb Mall. A plan that would have included tearing down the entire mall and replacing it with a Costco, apartments, townhomes, a hotel and more retail is dead in the water according to the owner, Sterling Enterprises and their attorney, Kathryn Zickert. The attorney said that there were many hands in the pot and that DeKalb County wanted the developers to build a Path bridge and complete a Path trail that was unfinished. The surrounding neighbors were concerned about traffic and noise. Costco objected to the removal of gas pumps from the plan. As of now the mall will continue to remain half empty. To read the remaining story go to Decaturish

April 16, 2018
Decaturish dropped this bombshell this weekend…Costco is coming to North DeKalb Mall. Finally!!!

Kathy Zickert, an attorney for Sterling Organization which owns the mall, confirmed in an interview to Decaturish that Costco is coming to the mall and could open in 2020 at the earliest. But that’s not all. The redevelopment would be mixed use and include 450 multifamily units – apartments and possibly town homes – and a 152 key hotel. There would be restaurant and retail space. She said at least two existing tenants – the AMC movie theater and the Burlington Coat Factory – will continue their leases at the space during the redevelopment.

“It’ll be Costco, retail, restaurants, office, multi-family, town homes,” she said. “We’ll have everything.”

Costco and Trader Joe’s have long been the vocal Decatur shoppers’ holy grail.

Costco Coming to North DeKalb Mall

Costco Coming to North DeKalb Mall in the former Macy’s location

Wendy’s restaurant in the food court at North DeKalb Mall closed for the last time Saturday night, December 30. The 1,142 square foot restaurant, the last big name chain left in the food court, had been a mall fixture for over 25 years. The closure follows the closure of the Wendy’s in the food court of nearby Northlake Mall a number of years ago.
The old Macy’s location, which was formerly a Rich’s department store is expected to torn down and a new building is to be built. The development would also include 450 apartments and a 152-room hotel, restaurants, retail and possibly townhomes. Costco is expected to open sometime in 2020 with an area for gas station.  We previously reported on this back on June 7, 2017.


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