City of Decatur Zoning Meeting Dearborn Park

A developer is attempting to build 15-16 houses and get permission to build a road where the trail built by City of Decatur is located.  After three hours of discussion and public hearings on Monday,  October 9, 2017, Decatur’s Zoning Board of Appeals punted on a decision to allow development plans near Dearborn Park to move forward.

Nearly 200 people packed the room at City Hall, lining the walls and sitting on the floor during the meeting that continued until after 11 p.m. More than 20 people spoke during the public comment, voicing their opposition to the proposed development.
At issue is a nearly 4-acre proposed development site at West Dearborn Circle and Chevelle Lane. Kudzu Capital LLC purchased the land in June 2016. The property is divided into 16 lots, but does not have a road that provides easy access to the lots. Kudzu filed for a variance from the requirements of the city’s Unified Development Ordinance to allow for a private driveway onto the property.

Dearborn Park Bridge Decatur

Dearborn Park bridge

Dearborn Park Entrance Decatur Midway Woods

Dearborn Park Entrance










The property has not been previously developed and has a rugged terrain. It is also adjacent to the county-owned Dearborn Park, which is a 7-acre green space with a nature trail and a creek running through it.

The development has been met with vehement disapproval from many residents. More than 50 emails protesting the proposal were sent to the city, city officials noted.

During the meeting, no one spoke in favor of the development, but resident after resident lined up to speak against it. They noted how important the greenspace is to the entire city. They talked about the old-growth forest, the creek, the owls, and a coyote found in the park. The area also has a ravine and provides needed storm water run-off, residents said.

HausZwei Homes is proud sponsor of Friends of Dearborn Park and has responsible for the donations that helped secure new shrubbery in the front of the park along Deerwood Drive in Midway Woods. In addition, we have sponsored several clean ups in the park and hope it can maintain it’s natural state.

Friends of Dearborn Park is committed to preserving and improving Dearborn Park for all residents located in Midway Woods and surrounding area.

Friends of Dearborn Park values tie into the core values of Park Pride. Park Pride “helps communities enhance parks and greenspace through advocacy, volunteerism and capital improvements. We strive to help every community achieve their vision of a great park.”

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