Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb: Greenhaven

Petition from Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb has 700+ Signatures for people opposed to Greenhaven. Please sign both petitions!!!

Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb: Greenhaven
HausZwei Homes doesn’t like to inject politics in to our real estate holdings, however, we are very concerned about the proposed city of Greenhaven. We feel this would disrupt the recent upswing in property values in Midway Woods, Belvedere Park, and Meadowbrook Acres.  Theses are area we we live, work and play. Our friends and family would be affected as well as homeowners, who have just recently in this area increase their property value after the real estate crash of 2008-2012. This city would be 300,000 people and the overwhelming majority don’t even know that this is occuring. That is the goal of Greenhaven to slip this by so people do not have a chance to see how bad this would be for them. Please do not let this happen. Petition, write and call your elected officials and let them know you were neither asked about this nor do you want it to happen.

FEB 9, 2018 — Let your voice be heard. Send an email and Tell State Representatives that you do not support the creation of the city of Greenhaven. See links below for other relevant information.

Neighbors Against Greenhaven Citizens Against Cityhood in Dekalb





Georgia State Representatives and Senators

Neighbors Against Greenhaven










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Neighbors Against Greenhaven Citizens Against Cityhood in Dekalb

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