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Kitchen in Berlin Germany

Ten years ago, blogger, content creator, and photographer Jules Villbrandt made two major life decisions. After graduating from the University of Arts in Berlin, she founded the design “bloggazine” Herz und Blut, and she moved into the apartment that she still lives in today. It’s hard to say which choice has been more transformational.

Herz und Blut, which is named after a German expression meaning “from the heart,” produces curated articles, imagery, and events—and happens to be an official partner site of AD Germany.

Set in Berlin’s hyperurban, international Wedding neighborhood, which is adjacent to Mitte, Jules’s kitchen is located in a historical building constructed in 1902.

Kitchen in Berlin Germany apartment

Office-style modular wall lamps make a quirky addition to the kitchen.Jules Villbrandt

Woods floors in Berlin Germany apartment

Jules and her father ripped up dated laminate flooring to find the beautiful wood floors that they lovingly restored.

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