11Alive Commuter Dude: Beech Drive Decatur DeKalb County Road Sinkholes and Water Main Break

DEKALB CO., Ga – Three months after a water main break, work has finally begun to repair massive damage on two Dekalb County streets. As Reported by 11Alive News Jerry Carnes, Commuter Dude.

Memorial Drive Water Main Break DeKalb County Decatur

Memorial Drive Water Main Break DeKalb County Decatur






It’s a sight neighbors along Beech Drive thought they’d see long ago.

“We’re just looking for the road to be repaired after three months,” says Kevin Polite.

When Kevin Polite invited 11Alive’s Commuter Dude to Beech Drive there were deep sinkholes. Oange cones surrounded a bevy of metal plates that covered most of the holes, but not all.
As the issues grew deeper and wider, neighbor Rakeeta Jones and others complained to Dekalb County.

“Every time we got a crack they put a plate out and leave it like it doesn’t matter,” says Jones.

It all started in mid-March. The county tells us a contractor installing fiber optic cable damaged a water main. Crews immediately began repairs to a major sinkhole near Memorial Drive.

But as the days passed, the problems spread down Beech Drive and Celia Way.

March turned into April, then June.

“It’s not acceptable,” says Polite. “All the residents along here are taxpayers and we feel, at least communicate with us.”

When Commuter Dude started asking questions, a spokesperson announced that the county had just signed an emergency contract for repairs. Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes pressed further, wondering about the long delay in signing that emergency contract.

The spokesperson first mentioned a legal matter, [then] backed away from that.

Eventually, Commuter Dude received a statement explaining that, “The county initiated an assessment of the Beech Drive area to determine the scope of work for the project. After that assessment was completed, the county obtained an emergency contract to get the repairs done. These factors contributed to delays with the project.”

After some initial prep work, a contractor is now “stabilizing” the damaged areas. They will replace the damaged water main then repave the neighborhood streets.

It’s work that’s expected to take another three months.

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HausZwei Homes is committed to providing the best experience for all of our customers. This is why we went the extra length of contacting our Commissioner Larry Johnson to help assist us in making this right not only for our residents and homeowners, but for the good of the entire community. 

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